Crash Kings (again)

Price: $20
Venue: The Sinclair, Cambridge


May I just say the the Sinclair is one of my favorite concert venues in the Boston area, and that I actually just go there for dinner because their food is AMAZING. Expensive, but amazing. Go for the mussels.

This concert, my second time seeing Crash Kings, followed the release of their second album. I liked, however, that the set list was a mix of both their older hits–what the first concert consisted of–and some really great songs form their new album. I am going to reiterate that my love for Crash Kings is eternal and that if I could support them solely on my own I would totally throw all of my money at them. Unfortunately for everyone, this is not the case, but I did buy a sweatshirt, which is like my favorite piece of clothing to date. And they sell piano keys! I want to buy a piano key so badly!

The opener for this concert, Nico Vega, was also phenomenal. Their lead singer had some of the best stage presence I’ve ever seen, and their sound, while not really what I generally listen to, was very interesting and enjoyable. Overall, great show.



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