Crash Kings

Price: $10?
Venue: Great Scott! (Allston)


CRASH KINGS ARE AMAZING YOU SHOULD GO SEE THEM. I actually went back to see them the next year, and will continue to see them as many times as I possibly can (whoa me from the future talking, how exciting).

Great Scott! was kind of the perfect venue for this band, as it was small, not too fancy, and could support a loud group singing along to EVERY SONG. I swear, Crash Kings fans are the best fans–I’ve never had more fun with a group. Every person there was VERY into them, and it showed.  I seriously love this band so much–they have a pianist, bassist, and drummer, and create just the coolest songs with the weirdest lyrics and are just super catchy and also musically sound.  The brothers (pianist and bassist) are very talented, and I just really can’t get enough of them.  Give em a listen, give them money, really just support these guys as much as you can!


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