Death Cab for Cutie


Price: $45/Birthday Present
Venue: Wang Theater


My second concert of college!  Towards the end of my Freshman Year, my friend Aaron bought me tickets to this show as a surprise birthday present (my birthday is at the end of April).  He’d played their albums for months before, under the guise that he was already going and wanted to get excited for it.  He got me excited for it too.  Long story short, one night when I was complaining that he kept playing this band that I couldn’t see in concert, he presented the tickets.  Good job, Aaron.  Well played.

The venue was honestly gorgeous and the acoustics were AMAZING.  I would highly recommend both the band (they sounded beautiful, like super super clear and effortless) and the venue, which made them sound as good as they possibly could have.  When Ben Gibbard came out and sang “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” acoustically, I actually screamed for like 10 seconds, which Sienna (who I brought with the other ticket–smart man, Aaron) never really let me forget.


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