Franz Ferdinand

Price: $30
Venue: Orpheum Theater


Sometimes, being a spontaneous college student is the best thing ever. Charlie’s sister came down with the flu the night of this show, and without time to sell the ticket, my dear friend asked if I’d accompany him. This happened at a point in the semester when I’d pretty much run out of money, so he ate the cost as well, but I FULLY INTEND TO PAY CHARLIE BACK AT A LATER DATE. Like when I can pay for food and rent and laundry (not laundry service–just laundry. I’m out of detergent.)

Franz Ferdinand is one of those great bands that you hear and think “wow they’re awesome” but never expect to hear live. Funny story – I visited Northeastern on my birthday in 2011, and during the flight to Boston from LA I came across “Take Me Out” (Franz Ferdinand song) on my iPod. This was before I actually looked through my inherited music and figured out what was on there. Anyways, I basically listened to that song on repeat for the entire 6-hour flight and didn’t get tired of it, and then listened to it more during the trip, and then on the way home. After that, I played it occasionally, but not much, and by last year I forgot I even owned it. I love that song, and this band, and after the concert, I realized how unbelievably amazing they are and began listening to them more. So cool. Thanks Charlie!

This theater is also very cool, and can I just point out that Alex Kapranos has a hot voice?

EDIT: As Charlie kindly reminded me, WE GOT FREE PRETZELS.  So before the show we saw these pretzels and got one because we were hungry (or maybe Charlie got one and I stole a bite, that may be more accurate) and then we watched the show and halfway through this older guy starts walking around with a box full of pretzels and starts handing them out!  And we were like FREE PRETZELS and to be honest I wasn’t even hungry anymore but by virtue of being offered braided bread from a strange man I had to accept.  Life is so good.


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