Price: $50
Venue: Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion


So this concert was in NH, which means I also paid an extra $30 for bus fare to get there and back, but IT WAS WORTH IT. Journey, like THE Journey, there in real life… it was unbelievable. And the new kid that took over for their lead singer is amazing, I appreciate him so much! If you have the opportunity to see them, please do. These are the people who wrote Don’t Stop Believing. They’re legends.

There are lots of concerts outside the city limits, but the good thing about New England is that you can really get to any of these. Buses go just about anywhere, and there will always be somebody at school who wants to go with you. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your friends will let you stay at their houses near places where concerts are, or will take midnight buses back with you, or will have a car and make life a lot easier. Do remember that planning is key, because you don’t want to be stranded in some far-off city alone without a ride, but this seriously never happens. Unless you’re an idiot. Also keep in mind that when I have left Boston for concerts, it is with a group of friends that had already planned to go and had a plan. When I planned, it was for where I was already living. Keep it simple.

This trip, we stayed at my friends’ grandparents’ house nearby and had an awesome weekend listening to music and hanging out around/on/in the lake. I seriously get nostalgic for this weekend all the time. And nothing makes friendships last more than Journey and jet skis!

Oh, and pro tip: bring glow sticks for strangers at concerts, the results are epic.


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