Lindsey Stirling

Price: $20?
Venue: Royale Boston


My friends made fun of me for wearing [fake] Uggs to a concert that night, but it was worth it because (A) I don’t really have anything else, as it wasn’t snowing and we were going to be standing and I wanted to be comfortable, (B) it was cold and I wasn’t going to wear sneakers like I normally do, and (C) Lindsey Stirling wears Ugg-looking boots in some of her videos so it’s okay I’m allowed!

I don’t actually endorse “Fuggs” but in this case, it happened. In other news, Lindsey Stirling is a huge inspiration to me. I own most of her sheet music and bought her first album (at the concert, actually). I grew up playing the violin, but stopped practicing in high school–she brought back my passion for music and my belief in my instrument. Her music is also just awesome in general, and I run and bike to it all the time. I try to dance to it but my dancing is quite poor so this happens less than I practice the violin (which I am also pretty bad at, but there’s improvement!)

After this concert, the friends who hadn’t been fans of hers became fans, and the people who didn’t go started listening to her music, and I’d just like to thank my brother Bradley for introducing me to her over winter break because dude, this is one amazing girl and she deserves like major major fame (which she is now getting. Yay!)

I also want to point out the Lindsey was a Youtube sensation before touring, and that a lot of the newest talents are now on Youtube. Check out that site guys. It’s good stuff. Also, if you can go to VidCon, GO and I’m super jealous. Maybe someday…


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