Price: $55
Venue: TD Garden


Aaron, at it again. I turned 20 and got to see one of my all-time favorite bands. As a sidenote, Aaron and I had actually broken up a bit before this, so that just goes to show that you CAN stay friends with your exes, and that Aaron is a wonderful person.

Now, I’ve loved Muse since hearing Starlight in high school (in my friend’s mini van after swim practice. Thanks Hannah!) A lot of people like their older stuff, or only know their newer stuff, or don’t like dubstep, or think it’s not real dubstep, or whatever. I have absolutely no complaints. I like almost every song and I love a fair number of them. Matt Bellamy will always have a special place in my heart, and I think that in general they just make good music. Like seriously, I love them. Okay.

TD Garden was a good venue for the actual show, but just a warning: it is HUGE. The light show was pretty epic, and while we were sitting pretty far back, we could hear well and see enough to make the show extremely worthwhile. I would pay money to see Muse again. I also bought a shirt. It’s a really cool shirt.

Also the Garden is pretty close to Haymarket and the North End, so Aaron and I went to Saus afterwards, which was really good (they have waffles and sauces and poutine and sate and just everything good.  GO THERE.)


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