Panic! At The Disco

Price: Free
Venue: Copley Square


This is the epitome of “random free concert in Boston.” A group of my friends decided to go, and while we all met up at different times, we ended up together at the start of the show. It didn’t matter where we stood or when we got there because it was really just a mass of people praying it wouldn’t rain and looking forward to hearing this band play on a nice summer night.

The concert was put on by My Radio 92.9, and the “opener” was basically just their radio station playing good songs while people showed up. I actually like them, and if I listened to radio, they’d be in my presets. Anyways, Panic! was awesome, and it was a definite throwback to what I listened to in high school, which was really enjoyable and fun. I did feel left out because my hair was a normal color, but such is life.

Interesting fact: I generally take pictures at concerts, but I do it quickly when I notice the lights look cool or I want to capture a certain song or if there’s a break so we can do a quick selfie. At this concert, I noticed that lots of kids were recording the entire concert, and were looking through their phones at the performers rather than experiencing them directly. I was also one of the only people with a DSLR, which is probably because no one really wants to carry around a bulky camera that has too long of a lens and can’t post to Instagram.


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