Sara Bareilles and Lifehouse

Price: Free!
Venue: Hatch Shell


This was the first concert I attended in Boston. It was absolutely amazing, and probably sparked my love for live music that has carried me through the last three years. The friends that I watched this concert with are still my friends to this day, and since attending this MixFest event, I have endeavored to return to MixFest annually.

MixFest is an annual free outdoor concert that coincides with Hemp Fest. It is put on by Mix 104.1 (radio station) and generally falls on the second or third Saturday of September (right at the beginning of the year when you’re making friends, Freshmen!) We always joke that it’s the city’s endeavor to dissuade people from smoking weed, but I have found no evidence to support that claim. I have also not looked for any evidence.

Fun fact: when the singer of Lifehouse (Jason Wade) approached the crowd during the show, I got to shake his hand because my friend Tyler (the blond one in the picture) got us up to the front and I screamed for a long time out of excitement and felt like a total fan-girl. It was excellent.


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