The Offspring

Price: $35
Venue: House of Blues Boston


Aaron really wanted to see them and wanted to take me (we dated during this time) so he paid for half my ticket so really it was more like $12 that I paid, so it’s okay that I’m not like a HUGE fan. But they were good.

This was my first experience with a mash pit and it was terrifying and exhilarating and I highly recommend it. We got up to the front railing because Aaron’s cool like that, and then people starting pushing into us and I thought we were going to die. Funny story: some crowd-surfer surfed to the front where we were, and in the act of pulling him down, the security basically wiped his butt on Aaron’s face and it was like one of those slow-motion back bend types of things with Aaron looking back in horror and the guy just bulging and… yeah. His glasses were kind of messed up after that, but nobody got a concussion so it’s all good!

Their music was good, the vibe was good, the opener was a little out there but I don’t remember who they were at this moment so that’s besides the point. The point is that the concert was enjoyable, and I was glad I went.  Also, House of Blues is a great venue, but it’s definitely big and not the most intimate, especially for a city like Boston with tons of tiny venues.  Good times.


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