Price: $18.50
Venue: Brighton Music Hall


Seeing Yuna was another spontaneous decision that kind of makes life worth living. I heard about her concert via Twitter on Thursday morning, bought the ticket Thursday afternoon, and saw her and the talented Jarell Perry Thursday night. I basically spent all day trying to convince friends to go with me, and eventually Tom (who came with me to see Journey, Blue Oyster Cult, and Walk the Moon) agreed to go.

Yuna is one of my favorite artists. Her voice is powerful but effortless, her songs down-to-Earth and sincere, and her style representative of who she is and who she wants to be. I just have so much respect for this young artist, and I love that I could see her live.

Tom and I also had quite the adventure at this concert. The bus to Brighton was late by about a half hour, so we enjoyed waiting outside in 20-degree weather with other complaining [potential] passengers. In the rush, we had forgotten to eat, and thus NEEDED to go next door to get pizza after the [amazing] show. We rushed inside, paid for the pizza, and then [literally] ran back outside to catch the bus. I just remember standing outside in the snow on the side of the road eating scalding cheesy pizza and just laughing at the sheer amount of steam produced by the delicious mixture of cheese and bread. That is really the epitome of college life in Boston’s [seemingly eternal] winter. It’s beautiful.

Check out Yuna and Jarell Perry if you like good music! Or new things. Or following links in blogs. I respect all of those options.



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