Crash Kings (third time)

Price: FREE
Venue: The Slidebar, Fullerton CA


So I expected to write that seeing Crash Kings for the third time was justified by being free and close to home, but I’ve since learned that I can justify their shows based on the sheer awesomeness of the music.  When they started playing I cried a little bit.  No joke.  Totally worth it.

Anyways, I attended the show with my dad, which was lots of fun and quite fitting a mere 6 days before Father’s Day.  We talked about my post-grad plans (that’s two years away, just so you know) and the types of jobs my brother should get (Brad, we’ll talk about this later) and if we should or shouldn’t get dessert (more like Mini Whammy, Whammy, or DOUBLE WHAMMY, the dessert being a deep-fried cookie dough brownie topped with ice cream).  It was also cool to attend my first 21+ concert with him, and as always, I was very smooth when they carded me (this never happens.  I am not smooth.  I always forget that my ID means something).

This particular concert was a “home-grown” showcase, with all three bands originating from Southern California.  We caught some of Rubberneck Lions and most of Robert Jon and the Wreck, who were both quite good (good enough for me to look them up later), and then CRASH KINGS came on and played and I cried.

There’s just something about their instrumentation, style, and overall composition that makes them kind of amazing.  The mix of the piano and bass, the softness before the drums enter the scene, the powerful vocals and specific harmonizing–I love it.  Add to that the number of times I’ve listened to their self-titled album–and the number of times I’ve sung along poorly–it has just become a wondrous addition and familiar aspect of my life.

AND THEN THEY PLAYED WAR PIGS it was just a wonderful moment.

If they are ever in your area, see them.  You won’t regret it.  Though keep in mind that it will be loud; my ears are still ringing as I write this twelve hours later, and it doesn’t sound like it’ll stop anytime soon.

Some Links:
Crash Kings (
Robert Jon & the Wreck (
Rubberneck Lions (
Slidebar ( – check out both their events calendar and their menu, this place is great

Also–I apologize for the photo quality. My iPhone 4 is in pretty rough shape but until I find a new phone, it will have to do. If anyone has opinions on the HTC One Mini, iPhone 5, or Samsung S4 Mini, please comment! (I say to my two occasional readers who probably won’t see this until October).


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