How Not to Bake Macaroons

For purposes of enlightenment and entertainment, I will now share with you all how I royally screwed up the Father’s Day macaroons.  Full recipe–the one that I accidentally created–is included at the bottom, so if you don’t care about stories (I am hardcore judging you.  Just kidding, I don’t read the stories either.) you can just scroll down.

Let me begin by admitting that I skipped Father’s Day this year to attend my best friend’s college graduation, which also happened to be her birthday.  My dad was very understanding when we decided to shift Father’s Day to Friday instead; thanks Daddy!

So anyways, because my dad’s dessert loves are coconut, white chocolate, and marshmallows, I made/attempted to make macaroons and a marshmallow sheep.  The sheep didn’t end up happening, and the macaroons were the result of lots of improvising.

First, I misread the measuring cup, which also happened to be measuring cup that I wasn’t supposed to use.  Instead of using 2/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk, which would require part of a single can, I used 1 2/3 cups, more than doubling the recipe and requiring more than one can.

I didn’t notice this, and proceeded to mix in the rest of the ingredients (coconut flakes, amaretto, salt) without realizing that the mixture was not supposed to look like soup.  I then proceeded to place the mixture onto a cookie sheet and watched as my coconut pattys oozed with condensed milk.  I double checked the recipe.  A while later, I double checked the measuring cup and realized my mistake.

In a mediocre attempt to remove the macaroons and myself from this situation, I decided to add in the rest of the coconut (the recipe called for 1 1/2 bags, so I ended up using 2 bags–not much of a solution), the rest of my mom’s flour (not in the original recipe and not very much of it), and some baking soda (I have no idea how much, I just sort of sprinkled it in from the box).  From there, I added another splash of amaretto and sprinkled in some salt.  Actually, a lot of salt.

I got a new piece of parchment paper, placed the batter down, and sent it into the oven.  I’d preheated it before, and thought nothing of the little icon that made a spiral formation next to the clock.  That’s normal, right?  Air circulation?

My mother informed me upon her arrival home that I had set the oven to “convection,” which is definitely not what the recipe had told me to do.  Whoops.

Halfway through the 20-minute bake, I adjusted the oven to non-convection, and crossed my fingers.

Luckily, some form of these measures worked, because the cookies turned out edible enough.  We topped them with Nutella, almonds, and white chocolate and served them to my dad, along with another few batches fixed with oats and whatnot (you can never improve enough, right?) and he appreciated our efforts.  Worth it!

But it always is.  Anything you create comes with risks, with putting yourself and your creation out there to be judged.  Yet the effort and risks are always outweighed by the meaning of my actions and the potential for happiness.  My dad knows that sometimes I can be spacey in the kitchen, and he knows that I probably got those genes from him (my mom is a master, she knows how to read a measuring cup).  Kidding aside, I feel tremendous happiness when I know someone else has put in effort for me; I can only hope that others feel the same, no matter how badly the macaroons turn out.  Also, despite all of the mistakes, somehow the macaroons became edible and actually quite scrumptious.  Magic!

So without further ado, Happy Father’s Day to all dads!  Hopefully your daughters (or sons) are better at baking than I am!  (Sorry Daddy).  And here is the recipe that resulted in this year’s Father’s Day macaroons (pictured above).

– 2 egg whites
– 1 2/3 cups sweetened condensed milk
– 3 tsp amaretto
– sprinkle of salt
– 5 cups sweetened shredded coconut (2 bags of Trader Joe’s coconut in the purple bags)
– 2/3 cup oats
– 1/4 cup white flour
– Nutella, almonds, and white chocolate chips for garnish

1. preheat the oven to 325 deg F
2. whisk egg whites in a large bowl until frothy
3. add sweetened condensed milk to the frothy egg mixture and stir (you can use a little less if you want, like 1 cup, and just use less oats/flour)
4. add amaretto and salt
5. add shredded coconut and stir
6. freak about because there’s so much condensed milk
7. add flour and oats, and stir well
8. place on cookie sheet (lined with parchment paper) in small blobs, and press down in the center to make a nest for the Nutella (or don’t, and just have the cookies)
9. bake for 20 minutes, then let cool on a wire rack
10. spoon Nutella into the macaroon nests, sprinkle with almonds, drizzle with melted white chocolate, and serve!

– this recipe is very flexible; the flour is probably unnecessary if you add more oats, and if you want things sweeter or less sweet, adjust the ratios of coconut and oats
– macaroons are great dipped in chocolate as well as drizzled with it, so garnish however you want!
– Trader Joe’s chocolate almond spread would probably be really good, just because of all the almond going on here.  I just thought of that.
– I’d recommend storing them uncovered, because these cookies are so moist already, they’ll lose their texture if stored covered. I’m just leaving them on the counter now (which also means easy access to eating them…)

Original Recipe:


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