Acai Bowls: My California Love

There are very few things in today’s world that you can’t find in either SoCal or Boston (and since I fly to Boston in three days it is something I’ve been thinking about).  Both have access to great produce, both have a variety of healthy food options, both have buy-in-bulk stores and ethnic restaurants and frozen yogurt places.  But one thing I have not been able to replace in my East Coast life is the acai bowl.

Maybe I just haven’t found it yet, but I cannot find acai bowls anywhere in New England, and this is just a tragedy.  THEY ARE SO GOOD.  The perfect mixture of honey, apple juice, and frozen acai berries topped with granola, coconut, and fresh fruits…  there is really nothing better.  Acai bowls are my California love.  I shall miss them.

I frequent Banzai Bowls in Laguna Beach for my acai bowl fix, and order their Maui Sunrise almost every time.  My friends Cassady, Erica, and Lauren usually join as well (I’m going to miss them too!), and we made a habit of going after paddle-boarding or surfing (more like attempting to surf, but that’s irrelevant).  It’s just one of those SoCal things that I wish I had on the other side of the country.

I would highly recommend Banzai Bowls to anyone visiting Southern California, especially if you’re looking for a healthy and filling snack of meal.  Keep in mind that the large bowls are significantly larger than the small ones for only $1.50 extra, and can be split easily; Pitaya bowls are inherently different from Acai bowls in that they ARE NOT ACAI (but are still delicious if you like dragon fruit.  Worth researching to find out.); beach parking can be a nightmare so check out one street over inland for parking (Laguna location; Costa Mesa is probably better).  Anyways, do yourself a favor and eat here.  It is quite amazing.

Sometimes the service really sucks, but THE FOOD IS WORTH IT.



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