Tastes of Home

Spending two months in California with my parents is basically an awesome culinary experience with a dash of family and a sprinkle of love.  Family dinners, the four of us sitting at our round glass table to eat and chat, became a nightly tradition that I’ve missed while away in Boston.  Every time, it’s hard to leave.

Below is a walk-through of some of my favorite meals, most of them made at home by my mother or I.  Feel free to be inspired!  I can provide ballpark recipes upon request.  Links to all restaurants will be included at the bottom of this post.

Capital Seafood – dimsum
Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad recipe – from Red Mountain Resort/Spa
Compost Cookies – blog post, two recipes and a mystery
Macaroons – blog post, macaroon recipe
Acai Bowls – blog post, additional link to Banzai Bowl website
Inka Mamma – Peruvian food: Lomo Saltado and Alfajores


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