My Beautiful July

This month has positively flown by, what with my moving back to Boston, starting a new job, and having an income for the first time in… a while.  Life is pretty good!  And with this wondrous turn of events, I’ve also had free weekends to fall back in love with Boston and take advantage of not needing a car to get everywhere (aka freedom).  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to the past few weekends:

4th of July (and the 3rd)

 I could write a whole post on the 4th alone, and I did plan to originally, but then again I don’t have much to say besides IT WAS AWESOME and FRIENDS ARE GOOD and something about fireworks and the fact that it rained and we got caught in the deluge and I had to dry all of our clothes like 3 times before they were wearable (granted, my dryer was on the wrong setting but still–3 times) so that’s that I guess.  Oh also, food was delicious–Erica made a caprese and potato salad, I brought some ‘guacamerica’ (strawberries, blueberries, feta, guacamole) and blue chips, and we made blueberry Mojitos and patriotic shooters that didn’t layer properly.  Just so everyone knows, the peach schnapps go on top.


Castle Island – Beach Day

Castle Island was a lot of fun, as was the adventure of biking there on Hubways while not having much of an idea where we were going.  Peter got us through it, with his superb ability to read small maps on small phones, and we had quite the relaxing day lying on the sand and splashing around in the [frigid] water.  We also held a live jellyfish, thanks to a kid who happened to find one and who was nice enough to pass it around.


SoWa Market

So many food trucks!  This outdoor market is absolutely phenomenal, with artists, farmers/food vendors (mostly organic awesome stuff), and food trucks.  We ate in a warehouse-turned-parking garage-turned-indoor seating, which in itself was one of those cool things that make me love living here.  Lunch itself was also phenomenal–I had a bacon-fig-arugula crepe that was just awesome, while Stephanie and Andrew had cool organic sandwiches, flavored lemonade, and some sort of noodle dish that looked really good.  We also got to try basically every flavor of popcorn available, and lots of other treats from the farmer’s market there.  I just love this place.  You can find more info about it here.


Sand Castle Festival

Ah, Revere Beach.  I hadn’t been to Revere since the fall of my Freshman year at Northeastern, and I must say it has massively changed.  During this year’s Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival, the beach came alive with live music, food trucks (I do love food trucks), games, a Ferris wheel, awesome sand sculptures, and lots and lots of people.  I love things like this, so even though I was exhausted from my excitement over my new job (I’d just started) and spending that morning at SoWa, I went to hang out and take in the sights.  I happened to take a nap in the grass while we were there, but that did not take away from the fun and energy.  Just a note–this festival happens every year.  If you’re in the Boston area, GO.


Concerts (of course)

So far this summer, I’ve seen Kendall Ramseur, the Beach Boys tribute band All Summer Long (Sand Sculpting Festival), the Kooks, and the Boston Landmarks Orchestra featuring Anne Akiko Meyers.  I’ll soon write concert log posts on Kendall Ramseur and the Kooks, so look out for those, but I also want to give a shout out to the City of Boston for having so many amazing free musical events!  The only ticketed event I saw this month was the Kooks, at the Paradise Rock Club in Allston (also, there’s an Asian market–Super 88–that is basically a taste of home right next door to the venue, so that was fairly amazing).  Kendall performed at the Boston Public Library’s free courtyard series, the Beach Boys tribute we saw at the sand castle festival, and the Landmarks Orchestra performed as part of the Boston Arts Weekend 2014.  Furthermore, every single performance was amazing; I’m so blessed to live in such a place as this!


Miscellaneous Shenanigans

Other July activities include a harbor cruise, walks in the rain, eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s, walks in the sun, ME GETTING A NEW BIKE, attempting to put together said bike, runs through Back Bay, walks on Columbus, battling pianos at Howl at the Moon (friend’s friend won a party so free sliders!  Woo!), free cupcakes at Georgetown on Newbury, $0.56 pancake dinners at IHOP, and chilling out at the reflecting pool because let’s be honest, I can hardly move if the humidity is above 40%.  It’s been a great month.  I should also mention that I absolutely love my co-op at Pfizer, which has made this month that much better.  I’ll write more about that later–till then, I hope everyone has had a beautiful July, and let’s hope that August proves just as amazing.  Happy Summer 🙂


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