The Kooks

Price: $32
Venue: Paradise Rock Club, Boston


We saw The Kooks!  Yeahhhh!  These guys were great performers, despite being difficult to understand (he’s like “hey Boston” and we’re like “did you catch that?”).  Luke Pritchard has some pretty sweet dance moves, and every song sounded good live.  Like, very decent.  It was loud, but there wasn’t any lost quality.

My boss at Pfizer was telling me about this Asian market right by Paradise, so Aaron and I decided to check it out before the concert (Charlie wasn’t as invested in the idea so he saved us a spot in line–thanks Charlie!).  We found Super 88 about two blocks down from the venue, and realized that we should never again eat dinner before showing up in Allston because THIS PLACE HAS EVERYTHING.  It’s like my childhood in a warehouse, with a giant Asian grocery store that sells Pocky Sticks/Panda snacks/Hi-Chews/actual groceries and a collection of food stalls like Lollicup and stir fry places.  Guys, Lollicup is everywhere in Irvine, and I haven’t had it once since being in Boston.  This was just such a discovery.  Thank you thank you thank you Liam!

This was actually my first time at Paradise Rock Club here in Boston, and I definitely plan to go back (like on October 9th to see Yelle, perhaps).  The service is good, area is clean for the most part, and you can see the stage basically anywhere.  It’s small and gets crowded early, but it’s a nice small and a nice crowd.  I was very comfortable, despite standing behind some super drunk girls who kept flipping their hair into our faces the whole night.  Really.  Also, the playlist going before the concert itself/between acts was very enjoyable, and I meant to ask what songs were on it at the time, but I suppose I’ll just have to email them about it.  Good stuff.

Clara Nova opened for The Kooks, sporting a pretty solid ethereal rock concept, if that makes sense.  I really enjoyed their performance, and though I didn’t rush to buy their tracks or anything, looking them up just now reminded me of how much I like their sound.  From what I can tell, all of their members are quite talented musicians; their singer Sydney Wayser hits some crazy notes and keeps some pretty irregular rhythms that I, at least, could not.

I realize that comparing any artist on a stage to myself is like comparing permanent tattoos with the marker-stained fingers of toddlers.  Forgive me for thinking everyone’s phenomenal.

And The Kooks themselves!  They were just really good, I don’t know what to say.  I was impressed by their newer songs as well as their older classics–despite having not heard their new stuff before, I enjoyed them lots!  The Kooks have tons of songs in general (I own three albums and can’t actually listen to it all straight based on sheer amount of material) but their set list was a near perfect mix, which I appreciated.  Aaron and I did lament the lack of Stormy Weather, and I would have loved to hear No Longer (the only song I can play on the bass guitar, thanks to Charlie’s extreme patience), but everything else was exactly what we wanted to hear, and I’m glad we went!

GO LISTEN TO THEM NOW if you haven’t already.  And if you like their music, you won’t be disappointed by their live performance!


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