Brunch at Masa

Summer Sundays gain several [hundred] more awesome points when you throw a two-course brunch into the mix.  Especially if it’s $7.95.  At Masa.

I couldn’t more forward in life without sharing this beautiful experience, so here goes: we made a reservation online through Open Table, walked leisurely from my apartment on Columbus to the restaurant in the South End on Tremont, and ate wonderful food.  Coffee and tea were complimentary, as was the basket of corn bread and triage of butter/jams that miraculously appeared on our white-clothed table.  We all ordered the caramelized plantain empanada as our first course, and when it arrived shortly thereafter, we all waited to eat out of respect for its beauty (but seriously, we were like “it’s so perfect, I can’t eat it!” and just stared for a lot longer than I thought possible).

Second course was a choice of Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo and Mexican Farmer’s Cheese, Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict atop Southwestern Biscuits, Jalisco Chocolate Chip Pancakes, orHuevos Rancheros with Queso Cotija and Salsa Ranchero. Peter and Aaron got the scrambled eggs, Leanne the huevos rancheros, and I the eggs benedict (because I actually have to get that every time I get brunch, seriously).  All I have to say about the food is that I want more of it (though the serving sizes were basically perfect because after I finished, I was pleasantly full and would probably have hated myself a little bit had I eaten another bite).  It was so good.   Nobody tried the pancakes, but they sounded good too.

The Boston brunch scene is quite wonderful, but it’s rare to find something so well-priced, especially in the Back Bay area.  Masa’s Fiesta Special is available between 10 and 3 on Saturdays and 9 and 11 on Sundays, which is very convenient–I would definitely recommend it.

For Masa’s website, click here, and for their brunch menu, click here.  Also please note that they have two locations (Boston and Woburn) and that menus/deals could vary.

Happy Brunching!


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