Mixfest 2014 (Christina Perri, OAR, Phillip Phillips)

Price: FREE
Venue: Hatch Shell


Have I told you how much I love free concerts?  I love them a lot.

My first Mixfest was in 2011 where Sara Bareilles and Lifehouse played, and my second in 2013 where I got to see the Backstreet Boys (or rather, listen to them because it was so crowded and I was actually across the creek from the venue), so I was very excited for Mixfest 2014.  It did not disappoint.

The concert opened with Ashley Jordan, and singer/songwriter from Harvard, MA, who was just the cutest person.  She only played two songs, but they were definitely quality.  Like, I followed her on the spot.  But the greatest thing was the way in which she asked us to make some noise for her, to cheer like it was our favorite song.  It was the most sincere request I think I’ve ever heard, and in response, the crowd went wild.  She started playing and we just screamed and cheered and called her name, and I think she was a bit overwhelmed to be honest, but it was a beautiful moment.  The song was wonderful, and halfway through I just wanted to cry because the moment was just so moving.  I also must mention that I’m not a huge country fan, so for me to really get into something classified as country, it needs to be really good.  So do with that what you will (as in look up all of her music right now).

I don’t remember who was up next, but he did a splendid job.  Then the announcers came out and made some jokes, and no one really knew what was going on, but it was okay because free music.  Also, one of the guys had the most adorable toddler, and when he said “let’s rock and roll!” in his little toddler voice I think the collective hearts of the audience melted all at once.

The MAGIC! performance was actually a little uncomfortable.  Their lead singer made some comments about how when ladies are happy, men get laid, so men will be happy, and I–and everyone around me–kind of shivered and tried not to think about that.  One guy asked his buddy “hey dude, would you let your daughter marry that guy?” and his friend was like “no wayyyyyyy” and it made me laugh because that was definitely the feel of that entire section.  Plus it’s funny because their biggest song is about a dad saying no to his daughter’s suitor, and now we all know why.  Despite all of this, I actually really like their songs, but the sleaziness is a bit too pervasive.

Christina Perri took the stage next, and I was blown away by her vocals and her nonchalant style.  She just went up there like “hey, I’m going to sing now”, and casually broke out the amazing notes.  She is actually one of the most talented singers I think I’ve ever come across, and one of the most enjoyable performers.  She was just so real!  Her stories were funny, her music was phenomenal, and her stage presence excellent.  I’ve never really gone out of my way to listen to her music, and this performance gave me a reason to look her up.  Also, check out this guy dancing above the crowd–it was hilarious and really good:

So then they kept hinting about this special guest… and we had no idea, but the radio station was hinting on Twitter and eventually JASON MRAZ CAME OUT.  And we were like WHAAAAT so that was cool.  I actually haven’t listened to Jason Mraz in a year or so, and I wasn’t familiar with his newer music, but it was good!  So go look up his new album.  Like when you finish reading about all this free music.

Next up: OAR.  I’ve listened to OAR since high school, and I really like the two songs of theirs that I know.  Now, at this point in the concert it started to rain, but they took it in stride, being very nice and thanking us for staying while also rocking out and having fun with it.  Their brass soloists (I couldn’t see from where I was standing when the trumpet or sax) were extremely impressive, and we just kind of stood in awe as they serenaded us with beautiful sounds.  Now, I started getting really cold and my feet hurt from standing and I realized that I had left my laundry in the washer and needed to return a Charlie Card to my friend before she went out to dinner so at this point of the concert I left.

DON’T BE THIS PERSON.  The one who leaves before the main set (in this case Phillip Phillips) and wimps out because she didn’t wear the right shoes and didn’t plan properly.  I’m sure Phillip Phillips was fantastic, and I sincerely hope that everyone who stayed had a good time.  And so concludes Mixfest 2014.  If you’re in Boston in September next year or any year after, I would highly recommend it.  FREE MUSIC GUYS.


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