Bombay Bicycle Club

Price: No idea…
Venue: House of Blues, Boston


Charlie called me on Saturday with an extra concert ticket, so Saturday night I found myself at a concert.  It happens.

Milo Greene opened for Bombay Bicycle Club at an early-ish show at the House of Blues, and within a few chords, they were impressed.  The band has a cool, comforting sound, and the vocals were quite solid.  While it took them a while to get comfortable on the stage–singer/keyboardist Marlana Sheetz admitted to this before their last song–they gave a good show and connected with the audience.  At one point, Sheetz praised a group of fans near the front for being energetic and dancing to their songs, to which they all jumped around a cheered.  At this point Sheetz also commented on how nervous she was about being filmed that night, and her consciousness of the double chin, which made me laugh–maybe it’s a girl thing or a SoCal thing or a people-like-me (whatever that means) thing, but I appreciated it.

I didn’t know Milo Greene before that night, but I did enjoy their music and earnestness.  They remind me the friends I know who are in bands just starting out, getting comfortable with themselves but showing great potential.  I just wanted to sit around a fire with them and make music.  I don’t know if that means anything to those of you reading, but yeah.  That vibe.

Anyways, I have to say that listening to their recorded songs while writing this, I’m actually enjoying the music more, which indicates to me that their concert mixing could use a bit of work.   I do like how they don’t really have a lead singer, but an exchange of melodies that’s shared throughout the band.  Very neat.   I look forward to seeing what they become.

The headliner Bombay Bicycle Club was also decent, but I wasn’t overly impressed with their performance or music.  Like, it was good, and their effects were good, and now that I’m listening to their songs I enjoy them, but the combination of tiredness I went to the concert with originally and the fact that I’d never listened to them (or heard of them before) definitely didn’t benefit my experience.  Lesson learned: listen to the bands first.  And drink more coffee.  I guess.  I did really like the graphics that Bombay Bicycle Club used during their show, which were projected over several circular backdrops.  This gave me something to look at while enjoying the music, as we were too far away to make out the faces of the band members.

So I was talking to my boss the other day about music and he brought up an interesting point: basically, the liking of music is a sort of journey, and that everyone is on their own individual path.  You can like an artist and start liking similar things in many different directions, branching out into different genres and coming to things that you wouldn’t necessarily have liked before.  In this way, sometimes you just won’t appreciate certain music, and it’s not because you don’t have taste or the music isn’t good–it just isn’t for the present you.  I feel like this applies to these two bands; not bad music, but not exactly what I would listen to regularly at this time.  I therefore encourage you to look them up because maybe in this moment, theirs will be the perfect song for you.


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