I wasn’t supposed to see the Foo Fighters at Fenway the other night.  Sometimes amazing concerts just get in the way of that Biochem exam you were supposed to study for or the NeuroAggression lab you were supposed to do that night.  Life happens, you know?

Price: $35/100.00 (this will be explained later)

I was cutting coupons and wandering the waffle section of Stop n Shop when Aaron called me.  The words “yeah Ryan can’t sell the ticket” alerted me to the fact that tonight could be a very good night.  I had planned to study for my exam and work on my lab, especially since the summer half-semesters progressed at practically lightspeed, but there it was, an extra ticket, and a friend who was out $100 and didn’t want it to go to waste.  Aaron, Ryan, and Stephen had planned almost all year for this concert, having seen the Foo Fighters together freshman year (we’re now all seniors or graduates).  Problems arose when friends all left during the summer for far-off places and the guy who would have taken the ticket came down with the flu day-of.  There was no one there to pay for the ticket.  Which left me.

I sprint-cycled to Fenway Park as soon as I got my groceries home, and before long we were chilling at Fenway, in the 90 degree heat, listening to Royal Blue.  Then it was the Dropkick Murpheys.  Then the Foo Fighters.

2015-07-19 18.02.32Waiting in 90 degree heat before it got dark and cloudy and rained.  As it would.

Both openers impressed me.  Royal Blue was really enjoyable, and although I’d never heard their stuff before I was very pleased with their selection.  All three bands were rock/alterantive rock types, so that sort of set the tone.  Dropkick Murpheys are a Boston-based group that are known and loved in this city, so their playing was exciting and fun for the crowd.  I’d heard a few of their songs without knowing them as a group, so that’s was cool too.  Now I could probably talk at length about both the openers because they rock, but alas, the headliner stole the show.

The Foo Fighters are an amazing band.  You listen to their stuff like “oh yeah I grew up with this, it’s good music” but then you see them in concert and it’s like hanging out with your coolest friends ever who just want you to have a good time and also happen to be amazing and then when it’s all over make you feel like you just had the time of your life but also couldn’t quite keep up and have to sleep now.  Dave Grohl is one of the coolest people ever, and his anecdonte about how he broke his leg might be the funniest anecdote I’ve ever heard.  They’re chill, talented, and not full of themselves.  People love them because they’re real.

2015-07-19 19.07.40Ryan, Stefen, and Aaron between opening bands

My favorite part of the show was probably when Dave Grohl’s orthopedic doctor came out and sang Seven Nation Army to all of Fenway, in full, with the band playing an excellent bass line and the crowd wondering what was even happening.  It was weird and it was awesome, and the guy sounded incredible.  His dancing was strange.  The whole thing was wild.  As a once-pre-med student with career goals in science, I couldn’t help but think hey that could be me one day and it just made the whole thing even cooler.  That guy works at like Mass General or something and he got to perform at Fenway Park.  It was probably the highlight of his life, and the way the Foo Fighters brought it about made us all feel like this was the highilght our our lives.  That takes talent.

Hearing my favorites by them — Everlong, Times Like These, The Pretender — was excellent, and it was especially funny when Dave Grohl sang “learning to walk again” since, you know, he broke his leg and all.  Man, he just played it off as so awesomely hilarious that even I want to make jokes about it.  And the throne!!!  I forgot about the throne, it was so cool and I was super excited to see it beforehand but in person I was like wow, he was right abotu the whole “lazers and shit” thing.  Yes, that is a direct quote.  Anyways, they sound fantastic live, so if you ever have the opportunity to see them, I’d recommend it.


Dave Grohl in his kickass throne, which incidentally moves out towards the audience and back onto the stage.

On that note–I didn’t and wouldn’t pay full price for the ticket.  $100 is too steep for me to see a concert ever again (RHCP was an awesomely poor decision) so I’d probably only have invested in this experience if the money really stopped meaning anything to me or if it was like my all-time favorite band.  What I’m saying is that the experience will be good, but you have to decide what a concert experience is worth to you.  I’m paying Ryan back $35 because that’s probably what I would have paid and I don’t want him to eat the price of an entire extra ticket.  

They played for about three hours.  It was a fantastic three hours.  By the time Dave Grohl said that they’d just play one more song, we were all surprised and exhausted, okay with it and at the same time longing for more.  The way he talked us through the end of the concert was, again, like we were all friends, and the best crowd in the world, in on this together.  When the concert finished, I felt like the band had tucked us in and said goodnight, and I was perfectly content.

Shoutout to Ryan and Aaron who roped me into going, and thank you Foo Fighters for a great show.



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