Auturgy (and Welcome)

Hello!  And welcome to my blog!

College is just one of many eras in one’s life characterized by adjustment, growth, learning, and increased independence.  The fact that millions of students enter college every year hardly effects the overall experience, and if anything, the sheer amount of college-related information available only heightens the experience, adding a collective vibe to the hopeful individuation.  It’s strange to think about, this process.  We become people.

No, educational organizations don’t make us who we are–life does.  But college is, for many, a time to discover this life while transitioning from a state of relative immaturity to one of (hopefully) less immaturity.

As of September 2011, I have been in college, and the single most constant theme in my life has been a slow progression towards auturgy.

Auturgy is defined throughout the internet as self-action, working with one’s own hands, independent activity.  It also happens to be listed as a “lost word”, one not found in regular use on the internet, and there exists limited knowledge of its etymology.  I rather like the word.

My college experience is a journey towards independent activity, at the end of which I will qualify as a self-sufficient adult!  (My own classification, there isn’t a certificate or anything.  Though I suppose I could make one.)  This blog chronicles my college experience, the five-year reality check of my life that includes earning a degree in Neuroscience, exploring the beautiful city of Boston, and developing my own ideas about the world.

I hope my college journey can prove useful or entertaining to someone!  At the very least, writing will keep me sane.


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