About the Author

So this is me.  Having fun in Madrid during my study abroad in London (left), and battling my heart and face out at the annual National Pillow Fight Day event in Boston (right).

I’m a senior  at Northeastern University majoring in Neuroscience, originally from Southern California, where it’s warm all year round and snow doesn’t fall naturally.   When not studying or working (as a researcher, which is awesome), I enjoy photography, playing the violin, cooking (though usually baking), eating, and playing sports (favorites are water polo and swimming, in which I compete, though soccer, baseball, frisbee, and volleyball are also fun, despite my extreme lack of talent).  I find quite some joy in going to concerts, travelling, dancing spontaneously, and trying new things.  I love shopping, but being a struggling student, I try to curb that habit (and instead spend money on food and shelter.  Hierarchy of needs, right here.)

I’m a believer in the pursuit of happiness, and in enjoying life.  Don’t just get through your days; relish in the life you get to live.  I feel like I love Boston so much because it’s always changing.  Every day is a new adventure, with new weather, new events, new crowds of people.  It’s just one perfectly placed sliver of the universe, a dot on the map that presents every day as a gift in which we can find great delight.  So here is my take on the college life here.  I hope it proves useful, or at least a bit entertaining, for those who read.

And in case you want to follow me:
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My Tumblr (Instagram and cool things, combined with updates from this blog)


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