Welcome Blather

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!

This page has gone through a number of changes in the past few hours, and though my WordPress dashboard indicates that no one saw any of them, I would like to explain why.

The site you are reading today was initially started as an excuse to practice writing, take too many photographs, and share my love for the city of Boston.  I called it “The Boston Buzz” as a clever way to mash together my last name (Buzby) and my goal (to show what was going on in Boston).  Unfortunately–or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it–I did not enjoy limiting my public writing to useful city topics, and I felt unable to offer anything new or useful to the internet.  In addition, I didn’t really like the name.

I’ve found myself longing to write responses to topics in current affairs, advice about college in general, and random thoughts that could possibly be of interest to someone.  Why would I keep a blog that I couldn’t write on when I could just change it into something else?  It’s not like anyone would really care, because it’s not like anyone reads it.  Right?

So I decided to be pretentious and look at lists of “lost words” and came up with “The Auturgy Project” as a new title of a new blog that would be about my quest for independence in college and my slow journey from child to adult.  And after I changed everything to make it fit and write a welcome page (this page) about it, I realized that it was not at all what I wanted.  I’m obviously very good at this.

I found “blatherskite” on that same list of old/forgotten/lost words, and I liked it.  The word is basically an older version of blather, and means basically to talk at length about nothing; nonsense, which is, to be honest, mostly what is on this blog.  I would like to think that some of these posts will be useful, or entertaining, or enlightening, but really it is a bunch of thoughts from a twenty-something college girl who still knows very little of the world.

I have no delusions.  Unless it’s all a delusion.  Whatever.

That being said, I’ll stick with the original theme (for now), which includes city life (useful!), college musings (thoughts!), and concert log (fun for me!) tabs/categories.  This blog will continue to be called Blatherskite Chronicles until I deem my work more than blather, in which case I may be an adult and decide to stop blogging altogether.  Anyways, I appreciate your readership!  Thank you for visiting.


*Edit: I added a Food/Drink section because why not


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